How to Write a Paper for a High Impact Journal - Video Course

A scientific paper reflects academic and research achievements and provides a career advancement pathway for healthcare professionals.
Writing a Scientific Paper for publication in a High Impact Journal can be challenging. 
The common issues faced are 
🔸How do you choose what to include in your manuscript?
🔸How do you communicate your research in an easy to comprehend manner?
🔸How do you identify a high impact Journal from a predatory journal?
🔸How do you minimize the chances of rejection of your manuscript?
🔸How do you make your paper stand out in the crowd and attract citations?

An understanding of the building blocks for a good paper can help you to write better and more effective papers.
This course is useful for healthcare professionals at all levels- a practitioner, a teaching faculty, a healthcare learner at the UG or PG level

Give your research and hard work the prime position it deserves, by successfully publishing in the top International Journals

Course Instructor & Mentor : Dr Praveen Nirmalan
Language : English

Mentoring & Course Validity: Participants will receive extended mentoring support as part of the course package. The mentoring support will include access to an exclusive Telegram Group as well as individualized support to write the paper.  The duration of mentoring will be equal to the course validity opted at purchase

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This Video Course Includes

1. Introduction to the course & how to join the mentoring group
2. How to Improve your Scientific Writing Skills
3. Writing the Introduction of your Paper: Key Elements with Illustrative Examples
4. How to write the Research Hypothesis, Question & Aim
5. How to write the Materials and Methods
6. How to create content-rich and visually pleasing Results
7. How to write the Discussion: Key Elements
8. Research Ethics
9. What is the Structure of a Good Abstract?
10. How to Construct an Effective Title for your Paper
11. Organizing the References: Essential Points to Remember
12. Common Errors in Writing that can Impact the Chances of Acceptance
13. What do Journal Editors look for?
14. How to Overcome the Writers Block
15. Authorship Guidelines in High Impact Journals
16. Choosing the Right Journal: Methods to assess the Integrity and Impact Factor of a Journal

What Will You Learn

At the end of this course, participants should be able to

✅ Use a Key Element Approach to write their scientific Paper

✅ Write an effective title that communicates the scope of their research

✅ Introduce their Research Effectively

✅ State their Research Question and Aims in precise, concise terms

✅ Describe Question specific Methods

✅ Effectively Communicate the Results

✅ Describe the important statistical considerations

✅ Critically Interpret the results

✅ Describe study-specific Research Ethics 

✅ Minimize common errors in writing scientific papers 

✅ Choose appropriate Journals to Publish their research 

✅ Assess the integrity and strength of the Journals you choose for your paper

Dr. Praveen Nirmalan

Course Instructor & Mentor

Dr. Praveen Nirmalan was trained as an ophthalmologist & Vitreoretinal surgeon and subsequently completed his Masters in Public Health and a Public Health Ophthalmology Fellowship from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, USA. Dr. Praveen has worked in clinical and public health at some of the top tier institutes in India. He has been a team leader and member of community-based and clinical research in several medical disciplines including Ophthalmology, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Neonatology, Obstetric Anesthesia, and Critical Care and Public Health. He has developed and chaired Ethics Committees at several institutes. Dr. Praveen has been a clinical and public health research mentor for practicing clinicians and has also mentored over 200 MD, DNB, and Ph.D. students through their dissertation work and research methods. He has been part of several international studies bringing his expertise in epidemiology and biostatistics to the teams he has worked with. He has over 80 published scientific articles to his credit.

Pedagogical Process
Combination of Videos and Writing up a paper based on personal research. The videos form 25% of the course and 75% are driven through mentorship through the writing of the personal research paper.
⭐Self-explanatory Videos
⭐Brief pertinent introduction to the topic
⭐Conceptual Framework outlining steps to write an effective research paper
⭐Illustrative Examples highlighting the various concepts
⭐Sub Modules for a detailed explanation
⭐Videos can be accessed 24x7 Online
⭐Sequential Modular Approach

Assessment and Evaluation

The course does not have an internal assessment, evaluation, or certification built into the structure of the course. Writing the paper forms 75% of the course. It is recommended to write your paper from your research and submit for feedback as part of the course. That will help internalize the concepts and put those into actual practice.

How to Use

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